Legal notice

Terms and conditions


- The use of the Canoe-Kayak and the Stand-Up Paddle obliges the wearing of the lifejacket.

- Wearing closed shoes is compulsory.

- A child under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

- It is forbidden to land private property on the banks.

- Every practitioner must be able to swim at least 25 meters without regaining footing and immersion.

- The state of health of every practitioner must not contradict the activities proposed by the structure.

- Every practitioner must complete and sign a registration file before each departure.

- You are on a preserved natural site. Respect for the environment is a must. It is forbidden to land on the shore of private property or to go to oyster parks.

- Before every departure, it is imperative to know the navigation area and to respect it.

- We decline all responsibility in case of loss of valuables as well as any degradation (mobile phone, camera, jewelry, etc...)

- We reserve the right at any time, in particular according to the weather conditions, to cancel the reservations.

- In case of cancellation, a new release date will be proposed.

Emergency Number :


- SAMU : 15

- POLICE : 17