On the Road to the White Gold - Kayak Hiking

On the Road to the White Gold - Kayak Hiking

Base du Veillon - Plage du Veillon

2 to 16 people


Road to the White Gold
1 INDIVIDUAL KAYAK 33€ 1 person
1 DOUBLE KAYAK 65€ 2 persons
1 KAYAK TRIPLE 75€ 2 adults + 1 child under 10 years old


Let's Go for the Road to the White Gold !

This little tour is from the Veillon Beach and continues on the estuary, in the direction of La Guittière. With an individual or a double kayak, we invite you to discover the "Havre du Payré" during a two-hours ramble. Also known the "Road to the White Gold", this river used to be borrowed by the boats that came to pick up the salt in the Marshes of La Guittière.

Our dates : 

August : 

Saturday 24 : 11:30 am 

Sunday 25 : 1:00 pm

Monday 26 : 2:30 pm 

Tuesday 27 : 3:30 pm 

Wednesday 28 : 4:00 pm 

Thursday 29 : 4:30 pm 

Friday 30 : 5:00 pm

How it works

The hike on the estuary is supervised by a qualified instructor.

It is a round-trip from the Veillon beach to La Guittière.


- Loan of a lifejacket

- Loan of a paddle

- Oysters included

Good to know

- Swimming skills 25 meters

- Be able to immerge oneself

- Closed shoes mandatory

- No credit card on site

Meeting place

Avenue de la Plage
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